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Live Chat 3 with Group Chat

We have just released #LiveChat3 with public or password protected group chats. Over 120 files have been changed, added or removed. The biggest release so far brought to you by #JAKWEB.

Blog - Live Chat 3.0.3 - JAKWEB Software Service

Get you hands on one of the biggest release yet. We have included all the features you have requested plus much much more!We have included a public or

Live Chat PHP Server 1.0.3

Start your own Live Chat Business without limits. #JAKWEB has released version 1.0.3, faster and better than ever.

Blog - LCPS 1.0.3 - JAKWEB Software Service

We are proud to release Live Chat PHP Server 1.0.3, faster, better and resource savings.We have improved the administration panel and fixed a few

Live Chat PHP Server 1.0.2

Run your very on Live Chat Business without any programming skills. Live Chat PHP Server 1.0.2 is now available. #LCPS is proudly brought to you by #JAKWEB.

LCPS 1.0.2 - JAKWEB Software Service

We are proud to release Live Chat PHP Server 1.0.2, great improvements in design, speed and usuability.The client administration panel has received ...

Your own Live Chat Service

Ready to build your own business? Live Chat PHP Server is now available on #JAKWEB. Create your own Live Chat Service in minutes and offer the best rated live chat service to your customers.

Live Chat PHP Server - JAKWEB Software Service

The only live chat php server fully automatic. Saas, lease out access to a modern and fast live chat solution.

Live Chat 2.7 02.11.2016

Live Chat 2.7

Now available for download via Auto Updater or as a full package in our download area.

Live Chat 2.7 - JAKWEB Software Service

Live Chat 2.7 is now available via Auto Updater, Download Area or in our online shop. This is the last release before Live Chat 3 and Live Chat PHP

Hosted Live Chat 29.10.2016

Hosted Live Chat

Get the most affordable and feature rich live chat for your business.

Live Chat PHP

Live Chat PHP hosted, a live chat solution for your website. Increase sales and visitor satisfaction with Live Chat PHP

Live Chat 2.6 19.09.2016

Live Chat 2.6

New wildcard engage option, chat bot with your predefined messages and we a work around for an android bug. Ready?

Live Chat 2.6 - JAKWEB Software Service

We are happy to announce the new version for Live Chat Business. Version 2.6 will come with a lot of new features, like wild card proactive (engage) ...

Live Chat Business 2.5

Happy Holidays from the JAKWEB Team.

Live Chat 2.5 - JAKWEB Software Service

Happy holidays from the JAKWEB team.We are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of Live Chat Business, 2.5. This release contains

PHP Functions for daily use

A few php functions brought to you by JAKWEB.

Useful PHP Functions - JAKWEB Software Service

Today we will share some really useful PHP functions that will make your life easier and faster when creating new code.PHP functions are great to ...