Kitesurf School - Taboga Kitesurfing


Kitesurf School - Taboga Kitesurfing

 Lessons are available in English and in Spanish.
Become an independent kite surfer and receive your IKO kite boarder’s license. Learn to kite in a fun and safe way with experienced IKO level 2 instructors.
If you have had some previous experience with kite lessons, let us know and we will help you develop those skills and apply them to your course with us!
All prices are in Mexican Pesos
Beginner Course:
Duration: 2 hours            Total Cost: $1500 Mx          
Cost per Hour: $750 Mx
You will start your course by flying the trainer kite on the beach. Meanwhile, we will explain to you how a kite works, its components and safety system. You will learn about the wind windows and how to use it to move you while being in total control. As soon as you dominate the trainer kite, you will inflate your own power kite, connected the lines and put on the harness and helmet. Then fly it on the beach with the guidance of your IKO instructor! The objective of your first day is to learn how to launch, land and fly a kite and become familiar with the power zones.
Intermediate Course:
Duration: 6 hours (divided into multiple sessions)          
Total Cost: $4122 Mx
Cost per Hour: $687 Mx
Includes Beginner Course. You will start to take your first steps in the water and practise what you learned in your first day. The objectives of your second session are "body drag" and relaunching the kite from the water.
Body Drag: Moving yourself in the water by using the power of the kite. You will enjoy your first sensations of the force and traction of the kite while in the water. The objective is to control the kite with your body while in motion. You will develop confidence and the necessary skills required to fly a kite. Its fun and safe exercise to practise!
Relaunching the kite: You will learn the essential skills of relauching the kite when it falls in the water. This exercise is made easy due to the professional equipment we use at the school. To finish this class you will make first contact with the kite and board in the water.
Advanced Course:
Duration: 12 hours (divided into multiple sessions)       
Total Cost: $6744 Mx
Cost per Hour: $562 Mx
Includes both Beginner and Intermediate courses. The objective of this course is to complete the process of turning you into an independent kitesurfer. Now you are ready to apply your developed kite skills towards getting up on the board in the water!  You will practise the "Water Start". This is a technical stage as your will need to co ordinate both your kite and board techniques in order to leave the shoreline and enjoy your your first session on the water! Our experienced instructors are going to correct you and give you all the tips in order for you to fulfill the water start objective. On completion of this course you will be an independent kitesurfer and we will give you your IKO kiteboarders licence! Congratulations!!

Address: Carretera Federal 180, Veracruz, Mexico
Phone: +52 2323210043
Email: info@tabogakite.com
Website: http://tabogakite.com
Gear: Royal, Ocean rodeo, Liquid foOzone, Nobilerce,
Season: september-june



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