Kitesurf Spot - Playa del Bol


Kitesurf Spot - Playa del Bol

This place is awesome, you kitesurf direct in the city and on the left hand side (when you locking to the horizon) is the national park Peñon de Ifach.
Please accept the rules there, during the high season (July and August) it is only allowed after 7pm. If you not sure ask some locals there, otherwise you will get a fine up to 400 Euro and the kite spot will be banned. :(

Wind Direction: SW
Best Season: April-October
Bottom type: Sandy/Rocky,Rocky,Deep
Dangers: Other water craft,Visible hazards,Reef/Rocks
Next City: Calpe

How to get there
Main Beach in Calpe on right side from Peñon de Ifach.



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