Kitesurf Spot - Urangan Pier


Kitesurf Spot - Urangan Pier

Beach is clean and free of junk. Virtually no shells/rocks. On lower tides there's miles of room to launch and land. On the highest tides, there's no room at all. That's when you go around the corner to Neptunes Aquarium beach. At the pier, there is a sand bar a couple of hundred metres (not sure exactly how far) offshore, which is exposed when the tide is lower. Normally (on a SE) you kite from the beach to the bar and back again. There is an emergency ladder on the pier which is accessible from this sand bar if required (broken kite or line etc).

Wind Direction: E
Best Season: november-may
Bottom type: sandy
Dangers: other water craft,visible hazards,sharks
Next City: Hervey Bay

How to get there
From Hervey Bay Airport, travel straight into Hervey Bay on Booral Road (which becomes Elizabeth Street) until you get to the Esplanade. Turn right and you're there! If you're not coming from the airport (ie you're already in Hervey Bay), just follow the Esplanade to Urangan.....you can't miss the pier.....it's huge!



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