Kitesurf Spot - Tableview


Kitesurf Spot - Tableview

Long beaches (for a few km), plenty of kites out. You can see Table Mountain about 20km away, and Robben Island (Nelson Mandela's prison) a few km out to sea. Amazing sunsets over that island. For equipment/lessons, check out the kite shops in Tableview on the beachfront. the swell comes in from the Atlantic, can range from 1 - 10ft. Relatively deep water, waves are reasonably slow, make for good lauching. Water is FREEZING cold when the SE has been blowing for a few days. The outside air temp can be mid 20-30s C, and the water well below 10C

Wind Direction: NW
Best Season: september-march
Bottom type: sandy/rocky
Dangers: sharks,extreme cold
Next City: Bloubergstrand

How to get there
Starts within the city of Cape Town, the West Coast runs north up towards Namibia. The first beaches on the West Coast are Tableview (with the view of Table Mountain) and Blouberg (lit. "Blue Mountain" in African). Parking runs most of the way up the beaches. Head from Cape Town central north along the R27 road, or take the N7 turn-off from the N1 (national road), follow signs to Tableview.



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