Kitesurf Spot - Bat Galim


Kitesurf Spot - Bat Galim

Bat-Galim is best spots in Israel and the mediterraneum coast lines.
in the winter (Dezember- may) you can ride big waves on a stormy day (2-4 m') with 15-35 knots wind.
best wind: S\SW
(if there is a North wind, you can go to the other side of Haifa a kite there. called: Hof Hastudentim (Student beach in English...:-) )

Wind Direction: W
Best Season: october-april
Bottom type: sandy/rocky
Dangers: reef/rocks
Next City: Haifa

How to get there
An hour and a half from the main airport to Haifa city.
and just ask any one where is the YOTVETA Restaurante ...really easy to get there by bus, taxi, car, walking



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