Kitesurf Spot - Brighton


Kitesurf Spot - Brighton

This beach is excellent for learning kitesurfing - the water is shallow and the sea bottom is sand. You can walk over 200m out to deeper water or head back when you are in trouble. The season starts in October and ends at Easter!
When you stay at the beach, there are rocks in the water on the left hand side, so keep right and you find only sand!
The beach is not big, and you got trees behind and rock on the left and right hand side. There are always a few people around who help launching and landing, if you not good in self-launch.

Wind Direction: NE - SE
Best Season: September-March
Bottom type: Sandy
Dangers: Reef/Rocks
Next City: Brighton

How to get there
Just drive from Brisbane to Sandgate then following to Brighton 19th Avenue.



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