Kitesurf Spot - Lake Silvaplana


Kitesurf Spot - Lake Silvaplana

There is no sandy beach, but from the launch/land side there is a big area of grass the whole way down the lake (600m) and again 500m up on the other side where you normally arrive, if your kite drops and you are not able to relaunch again. So it's safe. There is one official entry but you can get in everywhere if you manage 30 cm of stones which are around at waterside. On the weekends it's normally a little bit crowded to get in. Sometimes you have to wait one minute before launching you kite. Upward from the official kite launching zone there is no way to start your kite. There are also a lot of windsurfers.
The lake is splitted into 2 areas. The underpart of the lake is just for kitesurfers. Upwards there are just windsurfers. They need a belt of 250m. If you manage quickly to go through the windsurfers more upwards, you can kite for yourself. Great spot for snowkiting in winter.

Wind Direction: SW
Best Season: January-December
Bottom type: Boulders
Dangers: Extreme cold
Next City: St.Moritz

How to get there
Zürich-Chur-Julier-Silvaplana. Innsbruck-Landeck-Scuol-St. Moritz-Silvaplana. Comersee-Chiavenna-Maloja-Silvaplana. It's quite difficult to say how to get there because it's up in the mountains and about 4 hours by car from the next airport. It's a well known place.
The easiest way to get there is by car. From Zurich, take the Highway A3 towards Sargans-Chur. St.Moritz is the next town. It's just 2 km away from there. First you have to drive or whatever to Chur. This is the nearest big city. From there just head on on the freeway till you see the sign direction St.Moritz. Leave the freeway and follow just the signs to St. Moritz. You have to drive over the Julier pass. If you managed this you are in Silvaplana. By train is the same. Go to Chur with the express train. If you are there you have to change the train in direction St.Moritz. The train conductor will tell you exactly which one.



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