Kitesurf Spot - Marazul Beach


Kitesurf Spot - Marazul Beach

Once you cleared the marina spot, it is paradise. Very big play ground. Flat to choppy water, can have waves. In the water near the beach just have to be carefull not to step on small rocks, but it's no big deal. That zone has a lot of manglar so the water is not the most clear untill about 30m offshore. After that it is very nice. When the tide is low, at about 100m offshore you can easily walk. It is also a good place for beginners.

Wind Direction: NE
Best Season: December-February
Bottom type: Sandy/Rocky
Dangers: Other water craft,Reef/Rocks
Next City: San Andres Island

How to get there
From Rojas Pinilla Airport: take the road to San Luis. The Marazul will be on the left hand side, along the beach. The Marazul Beach is like 15 minutes from downtown by car. Taxis are so cheap.



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