Kitesurf Spot - Varadero


Kitesurf Spot - Varadero

Soft white sand, enough room to launch. The best place is at the right just in front of the flat water. The beach has a half U shape what makes it perfect for beginners, it also has sideshore wind that will take you to the shore in case of an emergency.
This beach is a 10 minutes boat ride from Chichiriviche. Once off the boat you can admire a marvellous huge extension of white sand and crystal clear waters and natural pools. This beach is part of a natural reserve, so there's not much there except for a great scene. Better to bring your own drink / food.
The beach continues for 1 km, then some big rocks separate it from playa Mayorquina. The ticket boat for Playa Varadero is about 40.000 bolivares for the whole boat....if u are a group u can share!

Wind Direction: E
Best Season: December-March
Bottom type: Sandy
Next City: Chichiriviche

How to get there
Aeropuerto Internacional de Maiquetìa then make the transition to the domestic area and take a flight to Valencia. From here you have differents options but recommended is to rent a car, buy a map and ask in the same airport someone to mark you the way to Chichiriviche. Once you take the highway it's easy - from Valencia take the highway to Pto Cabello, then when you get to El Palito make a right to Tucacas and from there is straight all the way. You will pass Boca de Aroa then Tucacas and at about 20min you will see a sign to Chichiriviche. Once there, you'll need a boat to get in 10 minutes to Cayo Varadero beach.



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