Kitesurf Spot - St. Peter-Ording


Kitesurf Spot - St. Peter-Ording

Usually, you will find quite chaotic choppy conditions here. On good days with strong northwesterly winds a quite big wave can build up. Watch out for the tides, when low tide approaches, it can create quite strong offshore currents. On days with southerly wind directions you can find northerly currents making it difficult to stay upwind. Apart from that you will be facing some offshore sandbars. Most of the time, the sailing conditions are quite good. Sometimes with onshore winds there are very nice and shallow areas. And also when changing from low to high and high low tides there are some flat, shallow areas for excellent carving.
The beach is really huge, almost like a desert and accessible with cars. Once again, watch out for the tide - in strong weather conditions, the parking lot becomes a lake. There is a special area for kite-buggies and a surf zone at the surf school, all the way south of the beach access. Many beach goers during summer.
Kiteleash is strongly recommended, no licenses or anything else necessary. The surf zone is at the surf school, all the way south of the beach access. In summer very crowded, also the beach is huge, the most people lay down at the waterline. Outside the season you can ride everywhere. Make sure you don't ride in the swimming zones. Not much space when onshore winds, can get very packed, since there are also many windsurfers, mainly beginners. Kite-buggies need a license plate and a special license is needed to take a ride in a buggy.

Wind Direction: E
Best Season: March-October
Bottom type: Sandy
Next City: St. Peter Ording

How to get there
From Hamburg take the 'Autobahn' A7 northbound. Follow the signs leading you towards 'Husum' until you discover signs directing towards 'St. Peter Ording'. Just before you reach the town of St. Peter, take a right - a sign says 'St. Peter Strand'. It's really easy to find, for it is a popular tourism place. Finding a suitable parking-lot without paying too much can be a bit of work, so paying the fee (quiet expensive) and parking directly on the beach might be best. Otherwise you walk a long way. On the beach, follow the tracks of the other cars and try to stay on the hard sand if you don't have a 4x4.



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